Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Valencia for Christmas.

We saw some more of the sights in Barcelona and moved on to Valencia. I think it was a strange Christmas in a strange town with strange beds and we miss our family, friends and the dog. I like Christmas in Guatemala because of family and traditions. I like Calgary for the same reason but the two  experiences couldn't be more different. In Valencia I feel like we are missing something. It was lucky Hugh could come to visit or I think it could have been a sad Christmas, thanks Hugh. We went for a walk on the beach in the rain, the day turned sunny  and all was nice in the end. We opened our presents at midnight and had a few drinks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Valecia has grown on me over the course of the week and I would come back here again for sure. Just need to find the time and money.

Here is your Merry Christmas Card. Sipping on sangria

Natural light for the car park underground.

The other card.

Valencia has a bunch of nice, usless architecture. 

Cars go on the bridge. The base is made of sheets of steel.

This is suposed to be of some use but we couldn't buy tickets or go inside?

It sure looks cool though.

Mayby this is the card.

A nativity scene.

A tactile display with Braille in spanis and catalan. So yes, Yo is reading braille every chance she gets. 

Comes with Braille explanation. Braille comes with contractions Yoly doesn't know!

Bucaros, Yoly wants one.

Gorgeous potery!

A long spiral staircaseto the tower of Iglesia Santa Catalina

Oranges everywhere but just a little sour.

The big gates from back in the day

Heres the Christmas card shot everyone was waiting for.

Christmas greetings from San Juan del Bosco Elementary School. That one caught my eye because it was all tactile. I think I am getting some ideas.

Looks like a beached whale greats everyone at the Valencia train station. It didn't smell bad so I think it was plastic.

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  1. Hope you had a Great Christmas in Valencia. what amazing structures they have. We have had sangria really liked it. Happy New Year to you travellers, & all the Best in 2014. Enjoying your pics.