Thursday, 19 December 2013

December 18 Barcelona.

We like Barcelona. The streets are cleaner, the people friendlier, the food is more to our likeing and they speak spanish which is easier for all of us than french. We also got a nice hotel on sale because it is low season. We went to La Sagrada Famillia  basilica it is tall and amazing. We walked by the cool architectural sights of which Gaudi was one of the most represented architects. We went to a flamenco show it was nice. The show was composed of three guitarrists, four singers and six flamenco dancers. We found Yoly's favorite restaurant from Antigua, Guatemala called Pollo Campero. It is something like KFC but tastier. We walk quite a bit each day and every day we find interesting and beautiful sights. Most of the public signs and advertizing are written in catalan however, Spanish is spoken. We checked out the Christmas market, the food market and bought some fruits. Churros and very thick hot chocolate is the afternoon treat around here. On the Christmas market we could see the different christmas ornaments and traditional flower arrangements and nativities. There are many places to shop and buy food and supermarkets stay open late. We can also eat at any time.

A guy playing trumpet on the train. He had a singer with a tamborine too, it was Grand!

Guatemalan Chicken! It's the best.

If it wasn't for this guy Yoly and I may have never met, Christopher Columbus.

This is the view from Christopher's foot.

Al gives the hair fairy fifty cents 

Guess what he wished for. More hair!

We didn' want to find out what kind of wishes he was granting.

A happy street, i loved the street lights. It reminded me of earings.

A large modern nativity in one of the plazas.

The gotic part of Barcelona.

A door knocker

The cathedral of Saint James (Sant Jaume) in catalan

Inside the cathedral

On the roof of the cathedral

Inside the cathedral's court yard, a fountain with gold fish.

A large size nativity scene in the court yard of the cathedral. It had live chickens ducks and many birds.

A Catalan Christmas tradition is to make Uncle Caguero poop out presents for the kids. They make him in many sizes. Maybe we'll learn later how its done. Stay tuned.

Public bikes

Another tradition is to hang Santa and or the three kings on the balcony.

Rambla avenue a busy boulevard with many shops and restaurants and more.

One of the corner towers of the wall  that once protected Barcelona

This market sells all sorts of food even piglets for Christmas diner.

We bought fruits

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