Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Dec 28 A long bus ride to Granada.

Next time I will do it different, I hope. I decided to take the bus in one day to Granada. It takes 10 hours to be there on the bus with coffee breaks, lunch and all the stops between here and there. Should have stoped in a town half way and looked around for a day and carried on. Oh well we get more time to experience each place this way, just fewer places.

Our miniature Nativity

Christmas Eve is the big celebration here.

Christamas cheeres with Baileys and Ferrero rocher chocolates.

On the beach in Christmas after the rain.

Art on the beach

Nice building

El mercado central

A fort in town

Orangery in a garden.

City Gates Valencia.

View from gates.

Pretty boys on the Gates.

Yoly out of place.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

This is the chalice the christ drank from at the last supper.

This was a decoration on our favorite bar.

Scary guy seem upset.

But the pretty girls are always happy to see me.

There was a fire in the park.

The firemen came.

And put out the fire.

Nice light in park

Reminder of Valencia

We found a monastery

There was giant tactile exposition at the museum with about 60 tactile photos, we weren't allowed to take photos but you could touch the displays.

That was the level of the flood in 1957 now the river goes around the city in a purpose built chanel and the river bed is a park.

 This is a Turduckin swiming in the park!

Swiming with a regular duck. I think it wants to eat it.

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