Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lyon April 7

Lyon is a cool city with lots of things to see and do. It is a good city to walk in and we are going to need more time here to catch all the top attractions. We plan to spend three more days after we get back from Le Puy En Velay. 

It is not quite as spread out as  Paris so it is almost walkable. There is a nice tramline that goes right past our hotel so it is easy to get back when we get tired. We have just stumbled across some amazing chuches and murals painted on the walls. 

There is a huge park , Parc Tête D'Or, that has a lake, a zoo, a botanical garden and tons of other park like stuff. We had a blast touring the park, but we put some miles on our shoes that's for sure. I lost my hat, I think I left it in a church, so if you find a hat in a church it is probably mine.

One of the last photos featuring my lost hat.

Mural on wall in Lyon

The last time my hat was seen, perhaps the lion ate it.

City hall Lyon.

That pretty girl sitting on the bottom step looks just like Yoly, wait a second, it is Yoly! Cool mural!

The actual wand used by Harry Potter and in all the Hobbit movies.

Miniature cakes at the Miniature Museum.

The new building on the old dock lands.

When frogs attack!

The other new building on the waterfront. It is going to be world headquarters of Euronews.

At least a thousand motorcycles in the big plaza in the center of town.

Old school square dancing during the Fête Renaissance in old Lyon

Part of the renaissance weekend.

Inside the big churc St Jean

Just before they all fell down.  

From the walking bridge Abbie of St Jean and Basilica of Notre Dame uo in the hill.

Still works to keep bad spirits out of the house while the tube keeps out the bad odors.

Spring has sprung here too. Beautiful magnolia tree.

Part of the cool Tête d'Or park.

Big duck!

Nice fountain.

Giant beer hall, Brasserie Georges, near our hotel. Oldest in Lyon has been in operation since 1936. The sevice was awsome, the food was O.K. The beer was great. There was at least 300 people eating and drinking. We ate way too much, but we had to find out what an Omelet Norviege was. It's a bake alaska for 8 people in our opinion.

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