Saturday, 26 April 2014

Avallon April 25.

We went to Avallon because of a song by Nathalie Cole, Avalon. Turns out it's not the same place, we figured it out going over the lyrics to the song as we rode our bikes up the hills. There ain't no bay beside this Avallon. But it turned out to be a nice town in a beautiful part of France. We had some beauty days riding to Avallon and perhaps the ride was better than the destination. One of the best thing about france is the roads that are paved even though no one uses them for most of the year.

A tiny town on our way to Villeferry where we stayed, up on the hill.

The next day we visited Flavigny another tiny town well known by its famous anis candies.
 We tried several flavours and thet were all pretty good.

One of these houses in the corner was a set for the movie "Chocolate". 

A pretty and fragrant corner.

A house for sale had a wooden statue on one of the windows.

Features on a house.

A turtle face, perhaps

One of the streets in Flavigny

Explanation of how to make anis candy.

Today the Abbie is where the anis candy factory operates. 

Many little town are hidden in valleys.

Start of a long downhill run.

Bottom of the downhill run.

What was once a window is now a piece of art for the terrace, most of the visable features of the bed and breakfast were pieces salvaged from older buildings including churches and abbeys.

Our bed and breakfast good breakfast and awesome dinners.

On our way to Avallon. Yoly says: Thanks to antihistamines, I can enjoy the fragrance of canola. 

Faces on an ancient wall in Semur en Auxois

Semur en Auxois is a nice medieval town worth visitting.

One last look at Semur en Auxois.

We passed through another interesting town called Epoisses west of Semur. It has a big castle, an abbie and gorgeous gardens. This is a pigioner where homing pigions lived many centuries ago.

Outside the pigioner.

A restaurant in Avallon

A comunity anexed to Avallon


Avallon. Don't show this picture to my mom.

At the bacground the clock tower.

spy with my little eye: nine faces. Good luck!

Here is a hint. The walls are watching.

We walked along the walls of Avallon.


  1. You guys truly take some exquisite pictures. Look the one of the priest kneeling and the flowers in front of the museum. Sounds as though you've hit a rough patch of weather, or did. Hope it's cleared and you're drying out. Looks as though you've found interesting ways not to get bored! Never did ask. Have you taken photo courses or taught yourselves to be that good. Really lovely.

  2. Oh and by the way. I had missed a couple of your comments from you on my blog. My bad. They're now live.