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Le Puy en Velay April 9 2014

We took a train and a bus to Puy because the train stops in St Etienne due to some work being done on the rail tracks near Puy. The road to le Puy en Velay was better done by bus because it is very challenging with all its mountains and zigzags and would have been tough on the bikes. Le Puy is a part of France like we have never seen or even imagined. This town is situated in the Massif Central  in the department of Haute Loire and it lies on the middle of a basin that is surrounded by basalt plateaus bristling with volcanic peaks  and volcanic core vents thrusting straight up into the sky from the floor of the basin. Le Puy is most famous not only for the fantastic views and history but for the great soil that produces green lentils and verbena cultivations. We bought some of the famous local liquor, at 55% alcohol it lights a fire in the belly.  Puy is also well known for lace making as lace work has been produced here for centuries.

The staue of Notre Dame is on the tallest rock hill in the town.

This is what we need to make lace, the rest it's easy, just follow the pattern.

I am not sure about the liquor, but the tea is bound to be better. 

Cathedral of Notre Dame de France, one of the most important stops for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Staue of Notre Dame 22.7 m tall on top of Rocher Corneille offering the most beautiful views of the valley. One can climb inside the staue up to the crown and look out over the valley.


Rocher et Chapelle St Michel d'Aiguilhe

Inside of the statue of Notre Dame de France

Scared Yoly.

Brave Yoly.

Notre Dame de France.

Who says Al doesn't like petting cats.

A view from the staue Notre Dame de France.

At the far distance we can see the fort at Forteresse de Polignac two towns away from where we stand.

On the second day in Puy we got an early start so we could see as much of the area as possible.

This is goal one for the day, lucky for us there is a set of stairs on the other side.
Rocher et Chapelle St Michel.

There are the stairs.

At the top we saw goal number two for the day.
Statue of St Joseph

Here it is in the distance. We couldn't find it listed on any of the maps even though other things farther afield were highlighted.

It was a very cool place when we finally found it.

Rocks with lichiens and plants growing on the side of the rock upon which the church stands.

Yoly enjoying goal one completed.
Outside the chapelle St Michel

Inside the Chapelle St Michel on top of the rock

More of same with different light.

Looking back at goal number one from goal number two. 
Beside staue and groto of St Joseph

Being pilgrims for the day.
Goal number three walk across town, up the hill, down the hill, across the valley, and up to the fort.

Here is part of the fort up close. 

The rest of the fort from top of tower.

Looking down from the top of the fort at the chuch and village below.
At 2057 feet above sea level, the air is pure and the view indescribably beautiful.

This is Yoly standind beside a picture of Princess Yolanda.

This is Mount Yolanda, we are still looking for the town of Yolanda. It is not just another volcanic vent it is Mount Yolanda.

In a park near our hotel the peacock finally put on a show, it was late in the day and the light was bad, but Yoly got a couple good shots. 

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  1. Holy Cow the pictures are good. Doesn't look like you've seen much rain. Allan is a town and Yolanda is a mountain. Apropos.