Sunday, 18 August 2013

Brugge, Belgium

Well, we already love Belgium and their finest chocolates and waffles. Allan says the beer is great too. This is a very enchanting medieval city with so much history. We feel bad not being able to read to understand important written information on signs. But we can speak English to anyone which helps a lot. Everything is pretty expensive even basic groceries in the market. Brugge is a bike friendly city and lots of people come from all over Europe to enjoy this city.
The bicycle paths are awesome! We left Lille France fist thing in the morning and took the bike path all the way to Brugge. We rode 80 km but at the end our hands and bones were really tired due to the many bumps on the block cemented path. 
When we arrived at 4 pm and we must have looked lost trying to find our campground that all of the sudden a nice fellow in a bike started speaking to us but we didn't understand him. Then he signalled to follow him but we hesitated at first. We carried on relying on the paper map since our google map hasn't been reliable since we left Paris. The nice fellow continue to signal us to follow him and many blocks later he pointed at the campground sign that just happened to be the one we were looking for. We thanked him and he turned around and went back and waved.
The tent site was cozy with other cyclist travellers. We met a couple who were going the same direction like us. The campground was great and well accommodated even with a bread vending machine. We enjoyed Brugge the next day and ate chocolates like there was no tomorrow.
Oh, I made friends with a lady who was selling jewelry and bought beads for a pair of earrings, and she gave me a couple of them for free.

If I can think up a way to add Belgian beer to the Belgian waffle Belgian chocolate mix I will become rich, or maybe just fat. Fatter.

 Brugge is a beautiful city and we are glad our friend Hélèn told us about it. Would have been a shame to miss it on the way by.

This is blind donkey alley, named after the donkeys that were blinded because they were to scared to go down the narrow alleys if they could see where they were going.

Al and and his Belgian beer.

One of the many pretty canals in Brugge.

Probably a church where something important happened a long time ago.


Chocolate cover oranges

Little houses filled with chocolate.

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