Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Jan 13 Montpellier

We spent the whole day touring around Montpellier. It rained for the whole day so we didn't take many pictures and the ones we got seem a little depressing. It sort of fit our mood because we miss Hugh. Good news though Hugh made it back to Calgary and found Xela to be in good health and good spirits. Thanks John and Betty and everyone else who lent a hand. Montpellier is a pretty town but it looks like the economy has been unkind to many of its inhabitants and perhaps to the tax base of the city. Like Marseille it appears to need some TLC like triming trees, picking weeds and cleaning streets.

This is an aquaduct from back in the day it is still carrying water to a big water tower in the center of Montpellier.

More aquaduct.

The faculty of medicine at the University.

Hugh was looking for this statue at the Museum of Louvre but it was not on display because it was being restored. This is just a rusty replica.

This is the regional office building.

The camera is unkind to these dancers. They actually looked like they were all dancing to the same song when we were watching them.

This guy has it tough his horse got too tired and he had to carry it.

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  1. Hello Al and Yoly. We are enjoying the blog and pictures. We'll keep you posted by e-mail as to how it goes with us. Might be some pictures, but don't expect too much. That way you'll avoid disappointment.