Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Jan 10 We are back in France and Hugh is on his way to Calgary

We all left Barcelona on the same train, but in different cars and with different destinations. Yoly and I got off in Figueres and Hugh stayed on all the way to Paris. 
We went to the Salvador Dali museum in Figueres and didn't understand it. I got a laugh out of a convertable Cadillac that had a rain storm inside the car when I put one euro in the coin slot. Dali also had a nice colletion of art and designed interesting jewelry. 
Hugh went to Paris and got lost, that is of course the reason one goes to Paris, he found himself again in time to go to bed early so he could catch his plane back to Calgary.

This is what a castle looks like from the train when it is going very fast. We took the spanish high speed AVE to get back to Barcelona.

300 km per hour fast!

The terrace at the Batilló house in Barcelona.

This house was designed to have as much sun light and ventilation throughout the five levels. On the light well the tiles at the top are dark blue and gradually they become white at the ground level allowing natural light to be uniformly intense.

There were no straight lines in this house.

A beautiful and unique house to visit

This hallway is well lit and ventilated 

We took a gondola to a castle on top of a hill in Barcelona. Montjuïc castle.

There was a bird having a dust bath.

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