Friday, 18 October 2013

Oct 17 Pau

We rode to Pau from Lourdes and the hills were mostly down for us. We passed several little towns where Le Tour de France passes through.

Allan enjoying the last cup of coffee from the pot in this convenient store/coffee shop/bike shop/post office. The Madeline's (little cakes) were delicious. The owner told us stories of pilgrims stopping by on the way to Santiago the Compostela and other people touring in bicycles. 

The tall box at the end of the desk is the mail box.

This is a grand view from our friend's home looking at the Pyraneés and the corn fields.

My good friend Lisa with whom I worked a few years back.

Pau chateau

The finiculaire 

Pau chateau

The chateau

The gardens

Outside tha chateau

Inside the chateau:  the dining room table and tapestries on the walls.

An old chandelier 

A small pool table

More tapestries on the walls

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