Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sept 28 Aix to Avignon.

The ride from Aix to Avignon included stops in Salon de Provence and some place near Les Baux de Provence.
First day we saw an aqueduct that was built by Romans and still carries water to Marseille today. It is remarkable because it carries water across a huge valley and is part of a network of canals that supplies the cities in Provence with water. It is the Roquefort Pont. 
We also climbed a monster hill out of Coudeau passing other parts of the canal system. We made through a maze of tiny streets in Pellisance to get to Salon. 
Salon is having a street theatre festival this weekend so we decided to stay for the fun.

The Pont de Roquefort.

A bunch on snails in the grass where Yoly stopped to take a couple photos of the pont. !HAY CARACOLES!

The view off the hillside over Coudeau on a cloudy hazy cool (25) day.

Part of the canal system to which the Pont de Roquefort belongs.

The canal and part of Coudeau's water treatment plant, and of course Coudeau.

Part of a maze of streets in Pelissanne that we navigated to find a quite road to get into Salon.

We arrive in Salon de Provence with our new lighter loads.

The gun's name is Sirius, they call me Serious.

Part of a Millitary uniform Museum featuring all the uniforms of every army to invade of defend Provence in the last 600 years.


A tactile display.

This time you can touch it to read the Braille and feel the different textures.

It is not often that Yoly bangs her head on the ceiling.

An art installation featuring two orange circles made of removable decals forming two circles. It is only viewable from a single vantage point on the castle wall. Near to where I took this photo.

Not here either but close.

Not visible at all from here.

Mossy fountain. Here since 1765.

Nostradamus lived here. He said rain tomorrow then clearing.

Nostradamus said you will meet a tall dark stranger, or maybe a exotic dark Yoly.

A church

With a door.

Napoleon at the museum.

A fire place.

A tower.

Detail of statue of kid pointing to top of tower.

Cute cat?

The wall on the other side of the street from the cute cat.

 A wall of cute purses.

The bottom of the circlular art installation. The seal is someone's idea of a joke. Not very funny if you ask me, people should take everything more seriously.

Even Nostradamus looks disappointed.

Olives turning black. They taste bad right off the tree. You need to soak them in salty water for 10 days changing the water every day to make them fit to eat.

Back in the day.


These guys are funny.

We laughed so much it hurt.

This is the replacement act. I wanted to see the guy dancing with an excavator, but alas he broke both his arms dancing with the excavator last weekend.

It was a love story that ended badly.

Some sort of social commentary on aging and dementia.

Just where is society headed?

A jazz band with a portable scratch machine.

Old school scratch!

These were a nice bunch of kids that turned into monsters. I had to run away it was too scary.

Yoly stayed behind with the camera.

This is a photo of the two circles from the right spot with some editing on my fancy camera. Damm seal is stealing the show.

The yard of the museum.

Another tactile display of an important work of art in the museum. 

A mountain we ride over tomorrow.

A house built around an old fortification.

The court yard with a keremess. 

A chicken looking over the fence.

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