Sunday, 25 May 2014

London May 22

We went to London and almost straight to 221b Baker street. The museum was a lot more fun than you might think. We had a grand time visiting the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

The underground station at Baker Street.

Sherlock's flat

Yoly settled for Dr Watson

Old wooden toilet

Fans leave notes at the museum.


The shop

The toilet for visitors.

The library

On Baker Street

Art in the park. A glass tree.

Yep, it was busy at London Square.

At the Horse Guards Parade

The cygnets are too cute. 

A memorable walk in Hyde Park.

Buckingham Palace

Uncontracted braille

Not much action during his shift. 

The Tower Bridge

Big Ben at Parlament building.

We rented a well equipped apartment in Battersea Park just one stop south of Victoria station and half a block from the train station.


  1. We remember these places when we were there, stayed in a hotel across from Hyde Park. The tubes were so fast. We are getting spring here, rainy today. Big Hello from us and Hugs!

  2. Loving all the pictures and humor. We are looking forward to seeing you in person.
    Tom and Dianne.

  3. The tubes are great and the oyster card work perfectly with all public transportation including boat ferries. We took a full advantage of that. Hugs to you all and see you soon.
    Al and Yoly