Friday, 8 November 2013

We made it to Aix and have started school. Nov 8 2013.

We arrived in Aix after a thrilling down hill ride from Le Ronque de Antheron. We climbed about 150 feet first thing in the morning then we dropped about 900 feet to get to Aix over about 20 km. it was a nice sunny day so we didn't get cold.
Our apartment was ready when we got there at about one o'clock. We tried to find books and pens and stuff but only ended up with some food. So we ate dinner went to bed and didn't get up until the next morning when we had to report for school.
We showed up for school and wrote a test first thing. It was all essay questions and a verbal interview. I must have done ok because I was placed in level 3 for the afternoon. Yoly is in level 5. That's right level 5 is the highest level they have at this school. The course work is proving challenging for both of us and we both get a ton of homework. I have no shortage of things to study because I missed the first two levels. 

There used to be a painting on the wall

The Abbey of Silvacane was restored by the French government in the 1980s it had been used as out buildings for a farm after the French Revolution.

They had stained glass windows in the barn.

And downward looking faces in the granary.

This is Al riding into Aix just before some lady cussed Yoly out for riding on the side walk. We hope she doesn't turn out to be one of our teachers.

Yoly in front of a mossy fountain in Aix

Our apartment.

Us waiting to be tested at school.

Yoly fooling around in class with the camera, trying to get me in trouble I think.

First field trip with George. The guy with red shoes.

Lunch on the patio after our first day of school.

Lemons on the terrace.

The garden still looks great.

Pétanque lessons in the park.

The guys are leading the match at this point.

Still ahead.

Yoly throwing one of the winning balls.

These balls are all the same colour so the ladies go up by 5 points to win the match. 


  1. You are having such an amazing experience on your travels, the pics are a great way for us here to know about the places you go. What school are you going to? Congrats Yoly you did good. All is going O.K. here so far.

    1. Hello cyber friends thank you for your comments Al and I are doing all the best we can to learn this romantic language at IS AIX-EN-PROVENCE Institut International de Langue. I will soon poste picture of our first excursion organized by the school. We went to Antibes on the French Riviera and Grasse where they make perfumes. Until the next blog, Yoly