Friday, 1 November 2013

Aigues Mortes to Aix en Provence.

We rode to Saint Gillis, then to Beaucaire/Tarascon where we spent two days. Then off Cavaillon.

Looking back at the Mediterranean.

Pink Flamingos

Pink flamingo road. On the left is a canal deep enough for barges. On the right and on the other side of the canal it is only a couple of feet deep. Good for flamingos.

This is proof that flamingos can fly.

They look a little funny though!

Was an ugly apartment now its a work of art.

The salt mines.

The walled city of Aigues Mortes. (Dead Waters)

South west entrance.

View from hotel.

Al cycling around the city.

King Reny

Grape vines in the fall.

Allan's feels at home in this museum.

Hands on at the museum.

An old car

An old bike with better fenders than ours.

Asking many questions and getting many answers.

I asked some questions too.

This car is fitted for weddings in the summer and the owner dresses up in an old but very expensive suit and drives the the couple.

This is how tall the grass grows here.

One stop over St. Gilles a very small town with lots of potential.

Along the way we were greeted by curious horses that came when I whistle.

Passing by Bellegarde another small town.

Conquering the strong mistral wind. It's not fun with a bike.

More wind

Arrived at Beaucaire for a day. More bulls

Monument en vile

Ruins of what used to be a big fort at the top of the hill in Beaucaire.

A view from the fort over looking another town called Tarascon across the grand Rhône river.

The fort

From the top of the hill a view of Beaucaire.

Roof workers

A visit to Tarascon. A legendary beast that terrorized the town once upon a time.

Chateau du Tarascon

Church of saint Marguerite who put an end to the beast that terrorized this town. 

Evening view of the chateau and the church in Tarascon.

From the terrace of the chateau

The legendary beast at the bell towe of the church.

Yoly at the top of the chateau

From Tarascon looking at Beaucaire  

A gargoyle 

Funny face

Art exposition at the chateau in Tarascon.

Someone carved her name a long to e ago

Part of the exposition 

It reminded me of Donny Darco

That's us!

Drinking tea at the museum of textiles

A representation of the beast that ate some people.

Abbey St Romain, the only abbey in France carved out of a rock mountain. A cool place to visit and only a couple of km from Beaucaire.

They carved out a spot for the monks who died at the abbey and placed them inside under a slab of stone.

Did I mention that France was on fire. Smells like every one is burning thier garbage and leaves at the same time. That is le palais du Pape in Avignon. 

We could also see the Chateuneuf de Pape, and important wine region in France.

Inside the troglodytic abbey.

Big horse trying to convince Yoly that she should gather some grass from her side if the fence. It didn't work because the was a big ditch.

Some abbey some place. I will let you know if I remember. 

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