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June 2, 2014 Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh capital of Scotland, one of the UNESCO recognized cities in the world. This city is visited by millions of people because of its beauty and its history, its castle, its jewels, fish and chips, haggis, etc. It is also the birth place of many well known writers, actors and has educated many people who have or had important roles in the world. To cite a few: Alexander Graham Bell whom invented the telephone was born here then as a young child, immigrated to Canada with his parents. Actor Sean Connery (James Bond), Connan Doyle (creator of Sherlok Holmes), writer J K Rolling lived and studied here to become a french teacher and while at university, she started writing the first of her book series of (Harry Potter). This is also the birthplace of writer Walter Scott. There is so much information that one can not retain and remember it all. 

Princes Street Garden
Princes street divides the old town with the new town.

The Royal family's fun sail boat has just been refurbished and put on display.

This picture was taken from a photograph of the Yacht since our camera is too small.
Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia (HMY Britannia)
This yacht was decommisioned by our Queen  in 1997 and today is permanently moored as an exhibition ship in Ocean Terminal Leith, Edinburgh. It served the Royal family for 43 years.

Inside the Britania, the royal dining room where many important political figures were entertained.

Sand art difficult to ignore

This was no ordinary dog. This was Bobby a very faithful dog, who sat by his master's grave for the rest of his doggy years. 

Bobby's facts.

Yoly and the invisible woman.

On March 5, 1817, Alexander Graham Bell was born in this Georgian style town house.

A statue of Sherlock Holmes, a tribute to writer Sir Connan Doyle

This gentelman could play very well.

Models back in the day.

The kilt factory and shop. 

The kilts

The Arthur's Seat
An ancient volcano flattened by the glaciers is now a beautiful hill that provides a gorgeous view of Edinburgh

Almost at the top we can see Loch Dunsapie

The hills, the city, the islands, the inlet, it's all beautiful.

The summit

Descending from another side of the hill gave us a different view of the city.

The grass is sooo green.

On the distance we can see the castle and one of the largest monuments.

A view from the castle looking at the old part of Edinburgh and in the distance Arthur's Seat, the hill we climbed.

The oldest part of the castle was the little chapel with its original stained glass window.

Inside the castle, a tactile display of The Honors.
No photography was allowed in the room where the real precious objects were displayed, but one can appreciate a nice view of The Stone of Destiny, a crown and jewels, and many pieces that were protected and hidden for many centuries. 

A place where the prisioners were kept.

A view of Calton Hill and its monuments.

A statue of Queen Victoria. It is said that the statue was originally placed in London, but when the queen saw it, she did not like it, for she thought it made her look a bit chubby. Today it is on a monument in Edinburgh on a busy street.

It is very difficult to take a photo of this monument because it is very high and dark.

We saw many mexican restaurants.

Photo taken outside a church. The sun shining through the stained glass window.

The colours were fantastic.

I spy with my little eye: a  human figure swiging on a tree.
Outside the previous church

Can you see it yet? It's like predator.
It is a human figure made of chicken wire on a swin, on a tree branch. We thought it was pretty cool.

This is the interesting church with the art on the tree and stain glass windows.

Part of the old town in this city.

Victoria street, a two level street which means double shoping.

Victoria street

Top of Calton Hill

On Calton Hill, The National Monument of Scotland dedicated to fallen war heros was never completed, because the project ran out of money.

The Nelson Monument is a tower that is still used today just to keep the tradition. Many centuries ago, this tower served as a clock and the mariners used it to sincronized their clocks before they set sail. Every day at 12:55 pm, the ball raises to the top of the cross, then at 1:00 pm a cannon is fired from the castle and the ball drops to the bottom of the cross. 

Just after the cannon has been fired.

This cannon is pointing at the castle in the distance where the modern cannon is fired every day.

Us, before eating haggis.

We shared this haggis. Scottish pride.

This is us after eating the haggis. It was good. 


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