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On the Road Again March 21

We waited untill it started to rain before we finally left Aix. The weather there had been perfect for 10 days but it finally returned to normal spring like weather when we were ready to leave. The weather for the ride to Salon deProvence was perfect, not too hot not too cold and not too sunny. We took a more direct route to Salon this time and found our way through Pellisane with ease. We struggled last time in Pellisane getting turned around in some of the smaller streets of the village. 

We decided to stay an extra day in our first stop of Salon de Provence because of all the forcast of continuous rain for the next day. We didn't waste the day as we got to see some sights we missed last time like the soap factory/museum (Marious Frabre) we saw the workd record holder soap that weighs 1000 kg it made to the Guinnes World Record. We also went to see a live musical spectacle, Mama Mia, it was a lot of fun. We got some odd looks from the surronding play goers as Yoly sung along with the songs in spanish and I in english. Some of the ladies in the cast were very good singers and I would say that the guys could sing almost as good as me.

We went to Les Beaux de Provence to see the Carrieres de Lumières light show we missed last time and It was great. The Carrieres Lummieres takes place in an abandoned bauxite mine. (Bauxite is named after the town of Les Baux de Provence.) the place is huge and has flat walls floors and ceilings. The surfaces are all lit with beautiful pictures displayed by sophisticated computer controlled projectors. The place is also filled with music from at least 100 speakers and the whole place seems to dance sometimes and sometimes it appears to go up in flames. 

We took road D27 from Les  Baux to our hotel. The road has a couple of switchbacks but the view was fantastic. Coming down the hill we felt pretty cold.
We stayed in Villa Glanum again in Saint Remy. It was odd because we never saw another soul in the hotel. No other guests and no employees either. We got a message on our phone telling us the code to the gate and our room number, but that was as much human contact we had for the entire stay. It is low season, so no dinner and no breakfast for us at the hotel restaurant.

Next day we rode to L'Isle sur Sorgue, it was a bit cold and windy but all went well except for crossing the Durance river where we found ourselves on a bike path on the bridge. The path was small the bridge was busy and the wind blew us around. We had to pay attention to riding for that part.

Yoly and Al in Salon de Provence

Cool lighting in the new square in Salon

Old school pickup at the soap museum.

A church in Maussane-Les-Alpilles on the road to Les Baux de Provence.

At the top of the hill to Les Baux.

Inside the Carrieres Lumieres. Art by Gustav Klimt

Part of the mine with an open roof.

The route down from Les Baux was an awesome long curvy downhill.

We got a couple good views of the Chateau and village of Les Baux

Spring time in the orchard (plum trees blooming)

Entrance of Le Thor village

The river was very high

Mount Venteux in the distance.

There was a lot of wild life action behind our hotel Les Novos in l'Isle sur la Sorgue

Cutest duck ever.

Reminded me of my old friend Roland Borne, he has excelent hair and a Corvette.

Yoly's favorite shot of L'Isle sur-la Sorgue.

A visit to La Fontaine de Vaucluse included a bit of a climb.

La Sorgue. 

La Sorgue.

La Sorgue.

La Sorgue has a kayak course

Little island.

Common fishing local boat.

A reproduction of an old mill in Fontaine de Vaucluse, the fountain is actually a spring that is the source of the River Sourge. The mill is designed to grind up wood for making paper.

The source of the river 

Fontaine de Vaucluse

A aquaduct that still carries water to Carpentras.

Back in l'Isle sur la Sorgue and visiting one of the many Antique markets (brocantes)

We thought our friend Mary would like this patio set.

Or maybe, this one

The whole main town is surrounded by clean and cold water from the river La Sorgue

Art and creativity in the town.

I miss my dog so much that even rubber boots look like cute dogs to me.

I can't get enough of candied fruit.

We enjoyed looking at old buildings in walk through the town.

One of our favorite streets that have three water wheels.

I wonder if I could make one of this in cedar.

This little corner plaza has been here since the 1600s

This house use to have its own water wheel.

More items in the antique stores.

These cute herbivorous are called Coypu or nutrias (river rats) a much large one was swimming in the river.

Three babies in total

They have red front teeth.

We think this was the mama nutria.

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  1. Hi Al and Yoly
    Wow, incredible pictures; what a beautiful place to be. We are still up to our knees in snow and there is more to come! Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that we are DONE with the white stuff. Safe riding.....